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Dairy Claw Lesion Identification

In 1982, Dr. Paul Greenough, of the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine, published the ‘Hoof Atlas’, an illustrated guide to claw lesions in cattle. Since that time, new claw lesions have been discovered and our knowledge and understanding about the causes, treatment and prevention of different claw lesions have expanded dramatically.

Accurately identifying specific lesions is critical for treatment and prevention plans. In the past, it was common for several different types of claw lesions (white line, sole ulcer or sole hemorrhage) to generically be identified as laminitis. In order to accurately identify the cause of the lesion and determine the proper corrective action plan, it is critical to be more specific and consistent.

To assist in the accurate and consistent identification of lesions, a poster was developed through the combined effort of Zinpro Corporation, and the International Lameness Committee, a collaboration of researchers, veterinarians, academics and hoof trimming professionals from around the world.

To obtain a copy of the original poster in either of 2 sizes click here.

Adobe Reader To download a portable document format (pdf) version from the Summer 2009 issue of Dairyman's Digest, click here.

To view an online application of the poster click here.

To use an interactive lesion identification tool, click here.