Hoof Trimmers adopt Hoof Supervisor® technology

Seven Alberta hoof trimmers have responded to incentives to adopt Hoof Supervisor® lesion recording systems — rugged touch-screen computer technology that facilitates the identification of hoof lesions compliant with the new International Standard Classification system.

Hoof SupervisorSeveral lesion recording systems were demonstrated at the (International) Hoof Trimmers' Association Conference held in Red Deer, July 17-19, 2008. Recognizing the potential of these systems to facilitate routine recording and capture of hoof lesion data, Alberta Milk decided to encourage hoof trimmers in the province to adopt this technology. After researching the alternatives, the system chosen was Hoof Supervisor®, developed by KS Dairy Consulting of Dresser, Wisconsin. As part of the Alberta Dairy Hoof Health Project, Alberta Milk has subsidized the purchase of these systems for 7 trimmers operating in the province. Very recently, the Ontario Hoof Trimmers Guild has made the decision to seek similar funding to support the purchase of these systems for their members.

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31 July 2021