Project receives support from Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program

The Alberta Dairy Hoof Health Project has been awarded a grant of $227,180 from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Alberta, this program is delivered by the Agriculture and Food Council. Along with a $60,000 investment by Alberta Milk ($40,000 cash + $20,000 in-kind) the funding will be used to support:
• establishment of a secure relational database to accommodate lesion records and DHI data;
• purchase of lesion records from hoof trimmers after each trim session on participating farms;
• transfer of DHI records from CanWest DHI after each DHI test day;
• ongoing evaluation of incoming data for consistency and data integrity and incorporation into database; and
• statistical evaluation of relationships between lesion incidence and DHI performance measures (milk and milk component yields, reproductive performance, health records, breeding records.