Practical strategies to improve hoof health presented at 2011 WCDS

At the 2011 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, held March 8-11 in Red Deer, Dr. Gerard Cramer, a prominent dairy hoof health veterinarian from Ontario, recommended practical ways to prevent lameness. Here are Dr. Cramer's take home messages:

In general, to address lameness properly in a herd it is necesary to create a foot health program that is structured similarly to an udder health program.

Foot health program components:

  • Know what is making your cows lame. The ideal source of this data is from hoof trimming records on lame cows.
  • Find lame cows early and treat them quickly and appropriately.
  • Provide a housing environment that ensures cows' feet are comfortable, clean and dry.
  • Disinfect and clean cows' feet regularly.
  • Ensure cows' feet have a proper weight bearing surface through proper hoof trimming by a trained individual.
  • Minimize metabolic stresses, especially nutritional and transition problems.

To read Dr. Cramer's complete presentation, click here.

9 March 2021