2013 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar features five presentations on dairy cattle lameness

The 2013 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, held March 5-8 in Red Deer, featured 5 presentations relating to dairy cattle lameness. Access these articles through the links below:

Linking Reproduction and Hoof Health, Ronaldo Cerri, University of British Columbia

Non-Infectious Lameness, André Desrochers, University of Montreal

Digital Dermatitis: Dynamics and Management, Arturo Gomez Rivas, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Treatment Strategies for Digital Dermatitis for the UK, Marijntje Speijers, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland

Decreasing Lameness and Increasing Cow Comfort on Alberta Dairy Farms, Laura Solano, University of Calgary