Ontario Hoof Trimmers Follow Alberta Lead

At their annual conference, held June 12th and 13th in Peterborough, the Ontario Hoof Trimmers' Guild (OHTG) overwhelmingly supported a motion to adopt the lesion identification system proposed by the International Lameness Committee. This is the same system being implemented by The Alberta Dairy Hoof Health Project (see Lesion Identification section of this website). In addition, the OHTG will seek funding to support the purchase of Hoof Supervisor® computer systems for their members as Alberta Milk has done for Alberta trimmers.

The prospect of another province adopting these systems increases the potential to implement a nation-wide data collection network to support the use of lesion data in Dairy Herd Improvement programs and genetic selection indexes.

To read a summary of the Ontario Hoof Trimmers' Guild annual conference, visit: http://www.ontariohooftrimmersguild.com/news.htm