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Locomotion Scoring

Locomotion (gait) scoring of cows is based on observation of their standing and walking behaviour. Although some cows with visible hoof lesions stand and walk normally while others may stand or walk abnormally due to joint stiffness or other reasons, locomotion scoring is a useful practice for identifying cows whose hooves should be examined.

Several locomotion scoring methods have been proposed. A simple method, based on back posture when standing and walking was originally proposed by researchers at Michigan State University (Sprecher et al.) and later revised by Drs. Steven Berry at the University of California and Nigel Cook at the University of Wisconsin. This method, which has been further developed by Zinpro Corporation, can be viewed by clicking here.

A second method, using 7 gait characteristics, has been developed by researchers at the University of BC. A description of this method can be accessed by clicking here.