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Functional and Corrective Hoof Trimming

Functional claw trimming, often referred to as ‘the Dutch method’, was developed by Dr. E. Toussaint Raven, a veterinarian with the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands.Toussaint Raven book cover His classic book "Cattle Footcare and Claw Trimming", considered the authoritative guide to hoof trimming, can be ordered from Crowood Press Ltd.

The objectives of functional and corrective claw trimming are:
• Correction of the relative overgrowth that leads to overburdening of the claw. Overgrowth is most significant for the outside claw of the rear feet and the inside claw of the front feet.
• Restoration of the weight-bearing surface within each claw.
• Correction of claw lesions at an early stage.

A description of a six-step work plan for trimming feet based on the Raven method can be accessed by clicking here.